I know in the sea of coaches and consultants out there, it’s getting harder and harder to decipher the fluff from the real. You have enough of the “why” and the “what.” So, here’s an in-depth view on HOW I achieve results with my clients. Before you continue reading, please note that I'm a strong believer that your strategy for success must fit your unique personality and HOW you are. Otherwise, it won't produce sustainable results. Our technique below was custom designed based on several factors of my client's personality.

The Client:

Tarchelle Bryant, Founder of Natural Hair Simplified, Life Strategist, Author of Tarchelle B's 4-Week Natural Hair Journal

The Dates:

Late October-Late January


The Problem:

Tarchelle was on social media, but she wasn’t using it strategically to grow her business. She knew she wanted to help women and make extra income, had a small audience and a few ideas, but didn’t know how to pull it together. Tarchelle was stuck giving free advice via email, and only had one stream of income from her online presence. She also knew she wanted to do something BIGGER than just hair coaching and move into life coaching, but didn’t know how to make the shift.


The Program:

Be Bold, my signature program where I teach influencers, coaches, and consultants the skills and mindset needed to effectively reach their ideal clients and grow their business online. 


The Start:

•    Small audience

•    No clear strategy on going from giving free advice to getting people to invest

•    Live streams and posts not resulting in leads

•    Unclear on how to convert engagement into opportunities to understand ideal client needs


The Results:

•    Growing an engaging community of over 100 people in only 2 days

•    Booking paid coaching clients and increasing book sales by 500% in one week

•    Gaining 40+ leads in less than 1 week

•    20+ in-depth survey responses from ideal audience from 1 LIVE stream


The Plan:

During my signature program, we focused on 2 major aspects with one goal in mind; changing her mindset and gaining influence so she could make money in her business.

To conquer this goal, I elevated her impact in these 4 areas:

•    Reaching ideal audience

•    Engaging content

•    Launch strategy

•    Live streaming


Reaching Ideal Audience Through Engaging Content

Tarchelle already had a presence on across social media and was making a few sales here and there from her published book. However, she was quickly becoming go-to for free advice from people that had no intention to invest in her.

She was spending hours each week answering inquiries via email with nothing in her bank account to show for it.

She already was posting on Instagram, Facebook, going on Live on Periscope but she wasn’t strategically leveraging her time or growing a following.

I knew that for her to make the shift and be taken seriously, she needed to do a better job of reaching her ideal audience so they would take her seriously enough to invest in her through creating engaging content.


How we did it:

To effectively reach her ideal audience through engaging content, I consulted Tarchelle to begin understanding the needs of her clients on an emotional level so she could leverage her time better online.

We accomplished this through her surveying her audience to understand their needs, but because her audience was small, she also leveraged the followings of other influencers to identify what gaps she could fill.

I also guided her to create a community on Facebook that would clearly define her unique value proposition based on what she identified as needs; this community also streamlined her time spent triaging questions so she could focus more on her new line of business she wanted to focus on.

Identifying her client’s needs through surveying, and research was crucial because she is in a highly saturated space with tons of influencers that have large followings. This allowed her to create content that stands out from the rest and ties into her unique story.

Direct Results:

  • In less than 2 days, using these techniques, she grew an engaged community from 0 to over 100.
  • Through the creation of engaging content and leveraging persuasion in her social media posts, in that same engaged community, she gained 60+ leads in less than 1 week of launching.


Launch Strategy

Likes and hearts are great, but PayPal, Stripe, and calendar booking notifications are even better. When Tarchelle and I first started working together, she knew she wanted to grow her businesses and pull together all of her ideas.

She needed clarity and direction so she could understand exactly how to go from ideas to income. But that was only half of it. She also wanted to leverage her time online more efficiently so she could increase her income streams and sales impact.

How we did it:

I knew that what Tarchelle needed the most was a clear plan of action so she could pull together all of the pieces strategically.

But to do that, we needed to start with the end in mind.

We reverse engineered her goals of launching her life coaching business, and natural hair consultancy. We broke down her launch into small, bite-sized milestones all geared towards gaining the influence she needed to establish her maven and ultimately bring in sales.

As a result, Tarchelle launched not just one but two businesses and learned a repeatable process she could use over and over again for her various promotions and new lines of business.

Direct Results:

  • Booked paid coaching clients and increased book sales by 500% in one week of launching.
  • Automated sales, so she literally made money while she slept.
  • Launched an entirely new social media channel for her new line of business that is consistently increasing. 


Influential Live streaming

Tarchelle already knew that she needed to up level her Live streaming to gain more than just a few comments and hearts. As a Periscope user, she already had experience with going LIVE but she wasn’t using her messaging strategically once she was in front of her audience.

I knew that for her to begin to reach her goals of growing her business she needed to not only improve her messaging to produce sales but also leverage those opportunities gain valuable research that would inform her copy and product creation.

How we did it

After spending time learning her ideal client's needs through market research,  we got crystal clear on her messaging so that she was influential versus informative when she went LIVE.

I helped her gain clarity in her messaging by uncovering the golden nuggets that would get her audience to buy into her story and services and WANT to do what she wanted the to do (sign up for her list, answer a survey, etc.).

We chose Facebook LIVE as the platform to deliver her messages since her goal was to nurture and deepen the newly engaged community we developed during our time working together.

Direct results

  • Her messaging was so clear and relative to her ideal audience that just from one LIVE alone, she booked a paid coaching client
  • Gained over 20 survey responses from her ideal clients which gave her insight into what products she needs to create next, and compelling copy she can use to influence them.

Are you ready to gain influence so you can build your business like Tarchelle?


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