This is what happens when you Level up


Travis Pointer

Founder, Blue Flame Creatia

I have worked with Brit on several occasions. Most recently she helped elevate my social media following from 15 to over 5000 followers in a matter of weeks. I was able to use that to gain crowd funding for my first web series which I will be shooting next month. She has also been a great coach. She kept me encouraged and motivated every step of the way. She delivers exactly what she promises, every time.

tarchelle bryant

CEO, Natural Hair Simplified, Life Strategist, Author 

"I'm still in awe that it's only been 2 months. I've also been working with Brit on my mindset and business, and  I'm manifesting things faster than I could've ever imagined. I went from idea overload and hobbies to launching not one but two businesses, creating a community of over 100 women in less than 2 days, and brining in paid coaching clients and increasing sales by 500% in one week."