I was so impressed with her ability to inspire courage and creativity!
— Rajul J. Ph.D.

Britney Rand, “Brit” is a highly regarded public speaker known for moving audiences, inciting action and demystifying social media.

Captivating interest and energy with her “real-talk” personality and ability to make topics relatable and simple, Britney creates an electric presence among people seeking to pave their own path to success, gain clarity on how to figure out what path to follow or learn how social media can be used as a tool to propel business development.


With each interaction, Britney ensures that engagement stays high and daydreaming stays low. The only time your audience will be distracted is when they are breaking out their phones to share tweet-worthy tidbits from her conversation. She provides the motivation, insight, and passion that your audience needs to make their dreams a reality!

Success Mindset

“Finding Your Path to Success Through Reflection”


“Instead of spending countless hours vacillating on the “what” and the “how”- “what you want to do and how you’re going to do it”- ask yourself the other 5 “w’s”. Why, why, why, why and why.

In this session, Britney discusses her rocky experience from completing starting over in her career, not knowing what to do next in her life, gaining the courage to move across the country with nothing lined up, and overcoming fear of rejection.

All she had was an unstoppable mindset and a hustle like no other, she worked odd jobs most college graduates wouldn’t dream of doing, networked her butt off, and landed her dream job.


Key Takeaways:

  • Overcoming fear taking the next step or the first step even if you can’t see what’s down the road.

  • How to let your reflections (the answers to the why) be your compass.

  • How having a goal for every interaction can fast-track your success.